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SEARCHBreast Model IDSB_0008 (version 1)
Model Submission Date2014-07-03
Model TypeGEMM
Model Name -
JAX Number -
Descriptionone allele of anti-angiogenic protein, FKBPL, knocked down in exon 2 by targeted neomycin cassette (FKBPL+/neo). Also have FKBPL +/-
GEMM AlleleFKBPL+/neo and FKBPL+/-
Common Names-
Strain C57Bl/6
Sex M/F mixed collection
Develops Mammary TumoursNo
Preneoplastic Lesions -
Develops Metastasis No
ER No information provided
PR No information provided
HER2 No information provided
Origin -
CK5 No information provided
CK8 No information provided
p63 No information provided
SMA No information provided
Metastasis Site-
Metastasis Bone Penetrance -
Metastasis Brain Penetrance-
Metastasis Lung Penetrance -
Metastasis Liver Penetrance-
Material AvailableLive mice/embryos/sperm
Material Storage -
AnalysesTumour volume; General histology; Vascularisation; Immune infiltrate; Microenvironment;
ReferenceYakkundi et al., FKBPL is a critical anti-angiogenic regulator; implications in development and disease (under review)
PubMed ID-
Additional References Valentine A, O'Rourke M, Yakkundi A, et al. FKBPL and peptide derivatives: novel biological agents that inhibit angiogenesis by a CD44-dependent mechanism. Clinical cancer research : an official journal of the American Association for Cancer Research. Mar 1 2011;17(5):1044-1056. McKeen HD, Byrne C, Jithesh PV, et al. FKBPL regulates estrogen receptor signaling and determines response to endocrine therapy. Cancer research. Feb 1 2010;70(3):1090-1100. McClements L, Yakkundi A, Papaspyropoulos A, et al. Targeting treatment-resistant breast cancer stem cells with FKBPL and its peptide derivative, AD-01, via the CD44 pathway. Clinical cancer research : an official journal of the American Association for Cancer Research. Jul 15 2013;19(14):3881-3893.
Additional References PubMed IDs-
Therapy ALM201; anti-angiogenic peptide derived from FKBPL
Genetic StudiesFKBPL knockdown confirmed by qPCR and ELISA for secreted protein
Notes Fkbpl-targeted (exon 2 deletion) embryonic stem (ES) cells (Clone number: EPD0466_1_C01) obtained from KOMP (IKMC Project: 41363; UC Davis Repository, USA) were microinjected at MRC Harwell (UK) into C57BL/6N mice mouse blastocysts. The resulting chimeric offspring were bred with C57BL mice to obtain germline transmission of the mutated Fkbpl allele and obtain Fkbpl+/neo mice. Subsequently, Fkbpl+/neo mice were crossed with B6N-TgN(ACTB-Cre)3Mrt/H mice (β-actin-Cre Tg) to ubiquitously remov

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