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SEARCHBreast Model IDSB_0029 (version 1)
Model Submission Date2015-01-13
Model TypeGEMM
Model Name MMTV-PyMT (FVB)
JAX Number 02374
DescriptionThese transgenic mice have the polyoma virus middle T antigen (PyVT) under control of the mouse mammary tumour virus (MMTV) promoter/enhancer. Females develop mammary tumours which often (strain dependent) metastasize to the lungs. Males develop mammary tumours with longer latency. Pulmonary metastases are observed in 80-94% of tumour-bearing female mice.
Common NamesMMTV-PyMT; MMTV-PyVmT; MT634; MTAG; PyMT; PyV-mT; PyVT; Tg(MMTVPyVT)634Mul;
Strain FVB
Sex Female
Develops Mammary TumoursYes
Preneoplastic Lesions -
Develops Metastasis No
ER No information provided
PR No information provided
HER2 No information provided
Origin -
CK5 No information provided
CK8 No information provided
p63 No information provided
SMA No information provided
Metastasis Site-
Metastasis Bone Penetrance -
Metastasis Brain Penetrance-
Metastasis Lung Penetrance -
Metastasis Liver Penetrance-
Material AvailableMammary tumour / Mammary gland (preneoplastic) / Bone (Lungs are available, however, we did not detect metastasis to this organ)
Material Storage
Mammary tumourFFPE
Mammary gland (preneoplastic)FFPE
AnalysesTumour volume; General histology; Vascularisation; Immune infiltrate; Apoptosis; Proliferation;
ReferenceCombination therapy inhibits development and progression of mammary tumours in immunocompetent mice. Ottewell PD, Brown HK, Jones M, Rogers TL, Cross SS, Brown NJ, Coleman RE, Holen I. Breast Cancer Res Treat. 2012 Jun;133(2):523-36.
PubMed ID 21956211
Additional References -
Additional References PubMed IDs-
Therapy Control (PBS), 100ug/kg zoledronic acid, 2mg/kg doxorubicin or 100ug/kg zoledronic acid followed 24h later by zoledronic acid. All treatments were administered once per week for 6 weeks.
Genetic Studies-
Notes No metastases were detected in the lungs or bones of these mice. On histological analysis mice were found to have signs of pneumonia and the lungs are full of immune infiltrate.

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