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SEARCHBreast Model IDSB_0045 (version 1)
Model Submission Date2015-03-30
Model TypeGEMM
Model Name Zfp157LacZ
JAX Number -
GEMM Allele-
Common Names-
Strain Mixed genetic strain
Sex Female
Develops Mammary TumoursNo
Preneoplastic Lesions Yes
Develops Metastasis No
ER Mixed positive and negative
PR Mixed positive and negative
HER2 Not determined by this investigator
Origin Basal and luminal
CK5 Not determined by this investigator
CK8 Not determined by this investigator
p63 Mixed positive and negative
SMA Mixed positive and negative
Metastasis Site-
Metastasis Bone Penetrance -
Metastasis Brain Penetrance-
Metastasis Lung Penetrance -
Metastasis Liver Penetrance-
Material Available- (-)
Material Storage
ReferenceThe Stat6-regulated KRAB domain zinc finger protein Zfp157 regulates the balance of lineages in mammary glands and compensates for loss of Gata-3. Oliver CH, Khaled WT, Frend H, Nichols J, Watson CJ. Genes Dev. 2012 May 15;26(10):1086-97
PubMed ID22588720
Additional References The KRAB domain zinc finger protein, Zfp157, is expressed in multiple tissues during mouse embryogenesis and in specific cells in adult mammary gland and skin. Oliver CH, Nichols J, Watson CJ. Genesis. 2013 Mar;51(3):179-86.
Additional References PubMed IDs23315963
Therapy -
Genetic Studies-
Notes -

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