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SEARCHBreast Model IDSB_0048 (version 1)
Model Submission Date2015-07-17
Model TypeGEMM
Model Name Blg-Cre:Brca1^f/f:p53^+/-
JAX Number 012620
DescriptionBLG-Cre: Brca1^f/f: Trp53^+/- mice that carry the beta-lactoglobulin Cre (BLG-Cre) transgene are homozygous for floxed exons 22-24 of the breast cancer 1 (Brca1) allele, and are heterozygous for p53 tumour-suppressor gene (Trp53) deficiency. Expression of the BLG-Cre transgene during lactation in females leads to loss of Brca1 function in the mammary gland. This results in formation of mammary tumours exhibiting high grade central necrosis and metaplastic elements in the form of spindle cell and squamous cell differentiation; as seen in human basal-like breast cancers and BRCA1 mutation carriers. Heterozygosity for the mutant p53 allele accelerates the formation of mammary tumours.
GEMM AlleleBlg-Cre, Brca1-flox, Trp53-KO
Common NamesBlg-Cre:Brca1^f/f:p53^+/-
Strain C57Bl/6
Sex Female
Develops Mammary TumoursYes
Preneoplastic Lesions Yes
Develops Metastasis Not applicable
ER Negative
PR Negative
HER2 Not determined by this investigator
Origin Luminal
CK5 Not determined by this investigator
CK8 Not determined by this investigator
p63 Mixed positive and negative
SMA Not determined by this investigator
CKOtherYes:Mixed positive and negative for CK14 and CK18
Metastasis Site-
Metastasis Bone Penetrance -
Metastasis Brain Penetrance-
Metastasis Lung Penetrance -
Metastasis Liver Penetrance-
Material AvailableMice / Mammary tumour (-)
Material Storage
Mammary tumourFrozen FFPE
ReferenceBRCA1 basal-like breast cancers originate from luminal epithelial progenitors and not from basal stem cells. Molyneux G, Geyer FC, Magnay FA, McCarthy A, Kendrick H, Natrajan R, Mackay A, Grigoriadis A, Tutt A, Ashworth A, Reis-Filho JS, Smalley MJ. Cell Stem Cell 7:403-17
PubMed ID20804975
Additional References -
Additional References PubMed IDs-
Therapy -
Genetic Studies-
Notes Mice subject to third party MTAs; develop a mix of tumour phenotypes including IDC-NST which closely resemble human Brca1 tumours. Tumour fragments can be transplanted into syngeneic C57Bl6. Can be poor breeders.

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