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SEARCHBreast Model IDSB_0069 (version 1)
Model Submission Date2016-05-29
Model TypeGEMM
Model Name MMTV-Cre-RFP
JAX Number -
DescriptionThis transgenic strain expresses P1 Cre recombinase under the control of the MMTV LTR promoter. Used for mammary specific activation of conditional GEM alleles; hormonally regulated. This is a reporter allele for Cre activity that expresses a non-toxic tandem-dimer red fluorescent protein (2 modified DsRed subunits covalently linked) following Cre-mediated deletion of a floxed neo/stop cassette.
GEMM AlleleTg(MMTV-cre)4Mam, R26tdRFP
Common NamesMMTV-Cre-RFP
Strain FVB
Sex M/F mixed collection
Develops Mammary TumoursNo
Preneoplastic Lesions No
Develops Metastasis No
ER No information provided
PR No information provided
HER2 No information provided
Origin -
CK5 No information provided
CK8 No information provided
p63 No information provided
SMA No information provided
Metastasis Site-
Metastasis Bone Penetrance -
Metastasis Brain Penetrance-
Metastasis Lung Penetrance -
Metastasis Liver Penetrance-
Material Available- (-)
Material Storage
Whole mammary gland (normal)Frozen FFPE
AnalysesGeneral histology; Other;
PubMed ID-
Additional References -
Additional References PubMed IDs-
Therapy -
Genetic Studies-
Notes We have crossed this line with a reporter and have detailed information on Cre expression.

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