The SEARCHBreast initiative encourages the consideration of the 3Rs (replacement, refinement, and reduction) when embarking on any in vivo experiment. In this section of the website you will find links to resources that will help you to apply the principles of the 3Rs to your research.


The NC3Rs site has many 3Rs resources, including guidelines, practical information and themed hubs. Click the button above to find out more.


The University of Leeds Education and Training Resources in In-Vivo Sciences (ETRIS) is a website that provides links to freely available, open access e-resources, for use in education, training and research in in vivo physiology, pharmacology and related disciplines.


ATLA is a peer-reviewed scientific journal, that publishes articles on the latest research relating to the development, validation and use of alternatives to laboratory animals.


A list of peer-reviewed publications that offer advice on using the 3Rs in research.

SEARCHBreast Publications

See the SEARCHBreast publications and posters.

SEARCHBreast Workshops

SEARCHBreast has held workshops on ‘3D modelling of breast cancer’ and also 'In vivo models of breast cancer'.

Statistical Tools

To help in the correct choice of sample number in your experimental design, we provide tools for power calculations, to avoid underpowered results. Here is a link to a sample size calculator also.